Origin Story


Founder of CAASI, Lori Peck

I'm Lori, founder of CAASI. I survived cancer, followed by divorce, losing our family home and the sudden death of our pet, all within a short period of time. We all have stories. How we move forward in the face of adversity is a choice. The foundation of my strength and resilience came from gratitude, forgiveness, love of friends and family, meditation, an active healthy lifestyle and yes, the help of CBD. What we put in our bodies, matters. I'm determined to live my best life and help others do the same. That goal is what lead me into this industry and on a path to find clean ingredients, amazing partners and vendors that share those same goals.



Horn Creek Hemp farm

The flower is grown on Horn Creek Farm in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon on some of the richest soil in the state .  The farm specializes in biodynamic CBD cultivars and they endeavor to grow not just healthy plants but a robust soil biome through which hemp plants thrive. They nurture the natural denizens of the dirt with organic composts, mulches and cover crops. A healthy and diverse soil environment creates a vital, natural growth environment and outstanding organic CBD harvests.  These are just a few reasons that this amazing source is the origin of our product. You can learn more about them at https://www.horncreekhemp.com/


scientia labs

Next the flower goes to Scientia Labs for extraction and formulation. Scientia sets the standard for the cleanest, highest-quality hemp extracts. To achieve this, they’ve created a proprietary process, designed and built their own production equipment. They also test their extracts by a third-party lab, every step of the way. The result is the highest quality CBD extracts possible. You can learn more about them at https://scientialabs.io/ 


Before it is packaged and shipped to you the product is submitted to Lightscale labs for 3rd party testing. You can find test results for each batch of the water soluble drops through a link on our front page and also on the product page.  We think that transparency is crucial in seeing what is in the product you are purchasing.  Lightscale is one of the most reputable labs offering some of the most reliable results in the industry.