Happy Holidays from CAASI

'Tis The Season for Wellness

Fast-Acting Water-Soluble Beverage Drops at Amazing Prices

Fill up all the stockings on your list this year with bioavailable, water-soluble liquid beverage drops that activate in just 10 minutes. 

Plus, at these prices you can afford a wellness gift for all the adults on your list – CAASI delivers effects for just $2.30 per serving, and our trial size bottle costs just $8!

Is anyone on your gift list this year concerned about drug testing? CAASI water-soluble beverage drops are perfect for veterans, seniors, athletes, teachers, kids and pets, as the drops are non-intoxicating and will not trigger drug tests.


Happier, Lower Stress Holidays

Tinctures and edibles can take 60+ minutes to activate notable effects, which can be far too long. CAASI's immediate activation after consumption gives you an immediate lift in well-being that will last, without any known side effects.

Our drops can be used in plain water, in food, or in any beverage, including eggnog, apple cider, or hot cocoa! 


Promote Wellness All Year Long

Our beverage drops are safe enough to take daily for promoting good health and wellness. A gift everyone on your list is sure to continue to use and enjoy long past the holiday season. 

CAASI is pleased to be a member of Leaf411.org, an RN-run, member-funded organization with strict criteria of admittance for quality and safety. We are also pleased to give back to the community as part of our company mission.



What People Are Saying About CAASI

"I tried my first sample of Lori's CAASI beverage drops at a time of sudden lifestyle change: quarantine/social distancing, transition to full time caregiver and homeschooler for my 4 year old, and the onset of... menopause! (gasp) I started tracking the quality of sleep in February using an iPhone watch app and sure enough, things looked choppy and disrupted. By March, I longed for a restful night without worry or anxiety. CAASI's product helped me in ways that I didn't foresee. Used only at bedtime, I wake feeling refreshed and calm- not groggy. My watch app shows longer periods of "restful sleep" as oppose to light sleep, and I no longer dread trying to go to bed with the possibility of insomnia. Thank you for this peace of mind, Lori."

~NY Nurse Annjeanette