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Water Soluble Hemp Beverage Drops - Isolate

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    Our beverage drops are made with premium hemp CBD isolate, 100% pure hemp CBD. In the extraction process, no chemical compounds are removed except for CBD. The CBD is extracted in the form of a powder that is then turned into a liquid. Our flavorless drops are carefully crafted to be extremely bioavailable to the body and fast-acting to give users relief without the high. You can mix it with water, beverages or foods. Cloudy coloring is normal.  Please note: this is highly concentrated and not a sublingual tincture.

    Our Product

    1 oz bottle

    Serving Size: 1ml

    Servings Per Container: 30

    Available in 20mg per serving or 60 mg per serving.

    The Process

    To make CBD water-soluble, the cannabidiol molecule (or oil containing the molecule) must be emulsified by creating a micelle. A micelle is a sphere of phospholipids (like lecithin) that creates a highly bioavailable lipophilic core (a tiny oil droplet containing CBD) that is separated from the bulk water.  Surfactant molecules can be used to stabilize the emulsion, preventing micelle rupture and undesirable oil-water separation.

    We've worked with our excellent processing partners to minimize the number of ingredients needed for stabilizing a micelle emulsion. The hemp CBD isolate powder is dissolved into organic MCT oil to create an aqueous solution.  This solution is then sonicated (vigorously vibrated) in the water solution in small batches to ensure homogeneous emulsification.  

    Ingredients: Filtered water, organic coconut oil, quillaia extract, citric acid, mixed tocopherols, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and gum acacia. 


    CAASI champions clean products. We strongly believe in transparency with our products. We will always share our 3rd party lab test results, for all batches of our products. 

    Isolate Drops (20 mg per serving) purchased after 4-10-21

    Certificate of Analysis

    Isolate drops (60 mg per serving) purchased after 4-10-21

    Certificate of Analysis